Les meilleures activités autour du lac Léman

Restaurants around Lake Geneva (France/Switzerland)

While visiting our tourist sites around Lake Geneva, are you in search of a restaurant for lunch or to extend your unforgettable day over a good meal?

Our list of restaurants around Lake Geneva enables you to find the perfect place to satisfy your every desire. All the addresses in the immediate proximity of our 26 tourist sites are listed on our website.

Using the search buttons located on the right-hand side of the page, you can sort the restaurants according to your choice:

-          depending on the country in which you want to eat: France or Switzerland

-          depending on the city

You can select several places at once to expand your search. All results are also displayed on the interactive map.

By clicking on the restaurant thumbnail displayed after your personalised search, you obtain all the necessary information:
- address and GPS coordinates
- telephone number, e-mail address and website
- type of cuisine and/or specialities
- prices
- opening periods

All you have to do is book or go to the restaurant directly. Bon appétit!

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