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Events Yvoire in the wrong time

The medieval history of Yvoire allows the discovery of the local geology and the origin of the rocks through architecture and building materials.

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  • Le 31/12/2023


The Middle Ages are a pretext for tackling the notion of temporal reference and for looking at the rocks around us with new eyes. Pupils will be able to compare the lives of yesterday and today. They will discover that man has used locally found materials to build his habitat and defence systems. These materials are witnesses of a geology that is still present and visible. By observing the architecture of the ramparts, the gates, the castle and the houses, the children will be able to identify the rocks used and place them in their "geological space-time". The visit will end with a tactile discovery of different samples. The walk through the streets of the village (30min) will be followed by various workshops in the House of History.
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Tarifs, forfaits

Primary: 135 € (1 guide for 1 class)
Kindergarten: 220 € (2 guides for 1 class).

Free for the drivers.
Group rate from 10 people.

Free bus parking for school children.

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