Tourist Guide Lake Geneva

The Léman sans Frontière tourist guide is published every year in A5, four-colour printing format. It is translated into three languages: English, French and German.

Its 52 pages present:

-          the association and a brief description of the history of the region around Lake Geneva

-          the 35 partner sites. Containing numerous photos, it provides readers with key practical information including descriptions, postal addresses, telephone numbers, opening times and periods…

-          events around Lake Geneva

-          paperless tourist routes with the “mobi-leman” application

-          information intended for schools

-          offers and promotions thanks to the online purchase module on the website

-          the actions celebrating the 20th anniversary of the association and the competition

With more than 300,000 copies printed, it is distributed free of charge through a range of different channels:

-          the 35 member sites of the association (140,000 copies)

-          a mailing operation addressed to more than 950 establishments including hotels, camp sites, libraries and tourist offices in both France and Switzerland (25,000 copies ordered)

-          the company “LOISIRS’LIVE” offering quality distribution of the brochures to more than 350 establishments (hotels, camp sites, cultural and leisure sites, etc. in hotels, camp sites and tourist sites in France and Switzerland (85,000 copies)

-          the company “TOURING INFO SERVICE” offering distribution across the “Chamonix, Mont Blanc and French Chablais” region (20,000 copies)

-          the company “DISTRI-BROCHURES” offering distribution in and around Gex, in the département of Ain and in parts of the Jura (22,000 copies)

-          tourist documentation forums in Douvaine, Martigny, Challes-les-Eaux and 10 tourism trade fairs (8,000 copies)

And if you still can’t find one, you can always download the 2017 guide in PDF format here!


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