Les meilleures activités autour du lac Léman

Exhibitions 4e édition du festival "L'Art dans la Rue"

Following the success of the previous editions, the festival will continue in 2023 on the same principle: to create a large ephemeral exhibition in the public space open to a wide participation of budding artists, amateurs and professionals!

Images de Samaneh ATEF

Dates de validité

  • Du 06/05/2023 au 10/06/2023
  • Le 18/02/2023


  • T. : 04 50 26 53 25
  • T.2 : 04 50 70 69 49
  • Email : culture@ville-thonon.fr
  • GPS : 46.37084 / 6.477104
  • Adresse :
    • Thonon Événements
    • 5 impasse du Bastion
    • 74200 Thonon-les-Bains, France
The exhibition will be on the theme of a song by Jacques Brel: "L'enfant".

"It takes a dream from you
It brings it to his lips
And it leaves singing
A child
With a little luck
It hears the silence
And cries for diamonds
And it laughs so hard it doesn't know what to do
And it cries when it sees us cry
It falls asleep with gold under its eyelids
And it sleeps to better make us dream
A child
It listens to the blackbird
That deposits its pearls
On the range of the wind

A child
He is the last poet
Of a world that is stubborn
To want to become great
And it asks if the clouds have wings
And it worries about a fallen snow
And it falls asleep with gold under its eyelids
And it suspects that there are no more fairies
But a child
And we flee from childhood
A child
And we are passers-by
A child
And we are patience
A child
And here we go "

Samaneh ATEF is the guest artist of this 4th edition.
She is the creator of the work on the poster and will realize for the festival the canvas n°1.
Source Sitra

Tarifs, forfaits

Free of charge.

Dates de validité

From 06/05 to 10/06/2023, daily.
The paintings on canvas realized will be hung in the streets of the city of Thonon-les-Bains.
Proposé par l'office de tourisme de Thonon-les-Bains

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