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Destination Olympia

An exiting trip through the time and space. The pupils relive theAncient Games: discovering the site of Olympia, the founding myths and the spotd practised ath thetime. A fun approachcomparing Antiquity and the contemporary Games. For groups with a coach, the journey continues in the Gymwith a very interactive programme: a look back at the movement of ancient athletes, trying various sport and seeing how they are different from their modern versions, introduction to experimental archaeology, etc.

Dates de validité

  • Du 31/08/2021 au 30/06/2022


6 and older: Visite with a coach (without a workshop); self-guided visite with tablet, visitor's guide and document set online.
With Coach: CHF 15.-
With Tablet: CHF 7.-
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Proposé par Le Musée Olympique


Type : Cultural
Rubrique : Activity, History

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