Les meilleures activités autour du lac Léman

All different, all winners!

How have the Games been able to maintain, throughout the decades , the principles of a peaceful meeting between athletes from all over the world ? What are the foundations of the Olympic values of friendship, respect and excellence? Without being moralistic or giving trite answers , the visite is based on experimental learning, and invites the pupils to explore their own values and prejudice, on the field of sport as well as in everyday life.

Dates de validité

  • Du 31/08/2021 au 30/06/2022


9 and older : visite with a coach and workshop; visitor's guide online.
With Coach: CHF 15.-
With Tablet: CHF 7.-
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Proposé par Le Musée Olympique


Type : Cultural
Rubrique : Activity, History

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