30 Hobbies The Devil's Bridge Gorges - La Vernaz, Le Jotty

Let yourself go and perhaps get tipsy by this picture of the power of erosion ! The Devil’s Bridge Gorges have been visited for more than a century and offer a spectacle unrestricted by time: the tormented profile of the partly subterranean rock face, colors of varied shades, and an excepional forest environment.
This passage, partly underground and carved out in a layer of tough limestone, is a spectacular example of the trace of the last glacial periods in the Chablais landscapes.


Halfway between Thonon and Morzine, les Gorges du Pont du Diable provide a spectacular example of erosion in the limestone Prealps region. The Dranse River in Morzine came up against a very resistant grey marble barrier, into which it was only able to dig a narrow gorge.

This compact mass gave the mountain stream a chance to do some spectacular sculpting: pot-like cavities, winding walls, layers of grey, green or blue ochre deposits.

The gorges were dug out during the last two glacial periods in the Alps. At the end of the glacial retreat a rockslide covered part of the site.

Evidence of this gigantic collapse is found in the rubble, out of which grew the beautiful beech forest that lines the gorges, and an isolated stone block that forms an imposing arch 30 metres above the torrent: the Pont du Diable.

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