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Equipements Evian thermal spa

A thermal cure in Evian is an opportunity to recharge your batteries and enjoy all the beneficial effects of Evian mineral water, thanks to the “drink cure” and thermal treatments (showers, baths, thermal pool...) that help keep the body looking young.

Enjoy Evian Spa for a day with our "Total Fitness" entrance : 30 € by person.

Dates de validité

  • Du 03/01/2022 au 17/12/2022
  • Du 02/01/2023 au 16/12/2023


The Evian thermal cure is recommended for the following conditions:
– Urinary-tract or uronephrological problems.
– Digestive-tract and metabolic illness.
– Rheumatology and the after-effects of osteoarticular trauma.

You can also discover Evian Spa with its pass "Fitness".
This pass gives access to fitness and aquafitness collective courses (except aquabike, aquarun, aquatraining, yoga and pilates).
Free access to the room of cardio-body-building, sauna, Jacuzzi, playful swimming pool (except during collective courses in swimming pool).

To enjoy the fitness center, dress and sports shoes, a swimsuit and a bathing cap are recommended.
Entrance : 30 €/person.
Opening hours of spaces :

From Monday to Friday :
9:00 to 20:00 for fitness and aquafitness zones.

Saturday :
9:00 to 18:30 for aquafitness/hammam/sauna zones
9:00 to 17:00 for fitness zone

Les Thermes Evian are closed on Sundays.
Accessible from 16 ans.
Source Sitra

Tarifs, forfaits

Adult: from 30 €.

Dates de validité

From 02/01 to 16/12/2023.
Closed on Sunday.

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