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Hébergement collectif Chalet de Varambon

The Chalet de Varambon is located in the Haute Chaine du Jura, and is accessible by several trails.

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Dates de validité

  • Du 01/01/2022 au 31/12/2022


It is located near the National Nature Reserve of the Haute Chaine du Jura, and therefore inaccessible from the southern part during the periods of quietude of the fauna: be attentive to the delimitation (markers) and to the regulations in force before going there.
Unguarded but supervised refuge. No electricity or water.
It is your duty to respect the place, to clean up after yourself, and to bring back your waste.
Source Sitra

Dates de validité

All year round.
Proposé par Fort l'Ecluse, Leaz

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