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Hébergement collectif Montain refuge : "Châlet de la Poutouille"

Located at 1440 m above sea level in the Haute Chaîne du Jura on the route of the Balcon du Léman pedestrian GR path, the Poutouille shelter is located on the Balcon du Léman hiking trail at 1440 m above sea level. A basic shelter under free management.

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  • Le 31/12/2022


Basic equipment is at your disposal in the shelter: a wood cooker, saw, broom, no gas, no drinking water. Freely managed.
A mountain pasture farm rebuilt at the beginning of the 90s with poor insulation; sleeps 19. Recently, the roof of the chalet has been renovated (subsidised by the Rhône Alpes Region).
It is your duty to respect the place, to clean up after yourself and to bring back your waste. Thank you for thinking of future arrivals.

Located in National Nature Reserve. The regulations in force must be respected.

Please note: all forms of camping are prohibited in the Haute Chaîne du Jura. However, there is a tolerance in the direct vicinity of chalets and shelters open to the public (within a radius of 15 metres around the said chalet) if these are full.
The specific case of bivouac ("temporary camping without a tent"): the Prefectoral Order of 16 October 2017 sets the conditions for bivouacs within the Nature Reserve. For further information on the subject, please consult the site of the Haute Chaine de Jura National Nature Reserve.

This shelter is also in an area where wildlife is at peace. It is strictly forbidden to trespass in this zone from 15 December to 30 June. For further information, please visit the website of the Haute Chaine du Jura National Nature Reserve.
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Dates de validité

All year round.
Proposé par Fort l'Ecluse, Leaz

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