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Hébergement collectif Refuge du Gralet

The Refuge du Gralet is in the Haute Chaîne du Jura, along the route of the Balcon du Léman GR - GTJ hiking trail, at an altitude of 1450 m. There are 15 beds on reservation + another 4 beds reserved for passing hikers.

No drinking water, kitchen, wood stove, no gas.

On the GR "Balcon du Léman".

Free management.

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Dates de validité

  • Du 01/01/2022 au 31/12/2022


The self-catering shelter provides you with basic equipment: a communal kitchen, with a wood stove, no gas nor drinking water.

It is your responsibility to respect the premises, to clean up after yourself, and to take away your waste

Located in the National Nature Reserve. Regulations in force must be respected.
Please note: all forms of camping are forbidden in the Haute Chaîne du Jura. However, there is a tolerance in the close vicinity of chalets and refuges open to the public (within a radius of 15 metres around the said chalet) if they are full.
Bivouac (temporary camping without a tent): the Prefectorial Order of 16 October 2017 sets the conditions for bivouacs within the Nature Reserve. For further information on the subject, please refer to the Haute Chaine de Jura National Nature Reserve website.
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Tarifs, forfaits

Night: 5 €.

Tax not included.

Dates de validité

All year round.
Proposé par Fort l'Ecluse, Leaz

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