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Commerces et services La Cave Ô Secrets

The shop "La Cave ô Secrets" offers more than 250 references in wines, spirits, champagnes and other regional gourmet pleasures.

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Dates de validité

  • Le 31/12/2018


The selected domains come from the most famous designations of France and Navarre, but also territories located near a Franco-susse cradle, between the Alps and the Jura.

Tastings: at the most convenient time, or by reservation, it is possible to sit around one of the tasting barrels and discover the wines offered as part of the "pedagogic passport": you will tast several drinks (between 3 and 5) corresponding to the current theme.
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Dates de validité

All year round.
Closed exceptionally on January 1st and December 25th.
Proposé par Fort l'Ecluse, Leaz

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