The association

In 2021, there are 29 member sites in the Franco-Swiss tourist association “Léman sans Frontière”. They are committed to the network for a renewable period of 3 years and pay an annual membership fee. The association’s activity is founded on volunteer work and more than 80% of the budget is invested in promotional work.

Every year, “Léman sans Frontière” invites its members to attend two general meetings. A committee meets 6 to 8 times a year and is representative of the diversity of the partners. Its aim is to ensure the operation of the association.

The presidency of “Léman sans Frontière” alternates (every 5 years) between a representative of a Swiss site and a representative of a French site.

The committee consists of a board:

The board comprises:

  • Mr Philippe Benoit, President, representing the Salt Mines in Bex (CH)
  • Ms Claire Normand, Vice-President, representing the International Museum of the Red Cross and Red Crescent in Geneva (CH)
  • Mr Hans-Ruedi Gerber, Treasurer, representing MOB/Golden Pass (CH)
  • Mr Pierre-André Briguet, Secretary General, representing the Le Moléson site (CH).

The committee also includes other members:

  • Mme Florence Kazi Tani representing Fort L'Ecluse in Leaz (F),
  • Mr Laurent Mermet-Husson representing the resort of Les Rousses (F),
  • Mr Damien Fulbert representing the Swiss Vapeur Parc (CH),
  • Mr Pierre-Sébastien Burnichon representing Ripaille Castle in Thonon (F)

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