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Exhibitions Exhibition: Les Chambres des Merveilles

The Centre des monuments nationaux invites young and old to discover the fascinating world of cabinets of curiosities with the exhibition "Les Chambres des Merveilles" at the Château de Voltaire in Ferney.

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Dates de validité

  • Du 11/02/2023 au 31/03/2023
  • Du 01/04/2023 au 11/06/2023


Planispheres, celestial globes, jewels, shells, precious stones, minerals and statues, but also dragons, mermaids or unicorns... During the Renaissance, these curiosities and fantastic creations were found side by side in the "chambres des merveilles" (from the German name Wunderkammern, meaning the collections of princes).
From the 17th century onwards, cabinets of curiosities, both private and public, proliferated throughout Europe. They brought together all sorts of strange, rare or precious objects and contributed to a deeper understanding of the world. The collections were then gradually dispersed to museums and galleries until the 19th century.
Nowadays, the dream and mystery inherent in the wonder chambers is once again appealing to the public. The exhibition takes the public on a journey of discovery through seven chambers, animated, illuminated or with sound.

Nearly 250 objects from different eras are presented: chimerical creatures, scientific instruments, objects brought back from distant lands, small sets made of minerals and shells or miniature animated palaces are displayed in the Patriarch's residence as if an imaginary prince had come to reveal the riches of his astonishing collection...
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Tarifs, forfaits

Full price: 8 € (usual entrance fee for the monument), Child: under 18 years old, Student: 18-25 years old, EU nationals.

Dates de validité

From 11/02 to 31/03/2023, daily between 10 am and 5 pm.

From 01/04 to 11/06/2023, daily between 10 am and 6 pm.

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