Les meilleures activités autour du lac Léman

Events Tulip Festival in Morges

In 2022, the Tulip Festival takes place from 18 March to 8 May. During this period, a varied programme will enrich the festival!

Dates de validité

  • Du 01/04/2023 au 14/05/2023


The Association "Morges Fleur du Léman" organises the Tulip Festival and the Dahlia Festival every year. In 2022, the Tulip Festival takes place from 18 March to 8 May. Along with narcissi, irises and daffodils, these are among the most beautiful flower gardens on Lake Geneva.

In addition to the colourful display of thousands of tulips in the Parc de l'Indépendance, visitors are enchanted by several oases planted with flowers, fountains and pots in the old town, in the Parc Seigneux and along the lake promenade. Admission to the Tulip Festival is free of charge and accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Numerous activities are organised during the festival, the festival programme is available for more information.

The Village in the Park welcomes visitors every day: catering with brunch on Sundays (from 9am to 8pm and 11pm on weekends), the association's chalet-shop, and more.

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